The Bloomies: Robert Bloom picks the best films

Robert Bloom, film expert

The "Bloomies" are one cinema expert's view of the movies over a period of time that now spans a century, from 1900 to the present day - from The Battleship Potemkin to Titanic. Most of us have our own favorite flicks, but we feel the "Bloomies" give us all a special look at some of the truly great movies and performances. See if you agree.

Movies about the law

Outstanding Films About the Law and Lawyers

(excluding documentaries)

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Robert Bloom is the retired Deputy Administrative Assistant to the Supreme Judicial Court Justices, and a life-long lover of the silver screen. He is himself a movie maker, having co-written with William Rose (attorney and former consultant to the Supreme Judicial Court) and co-starred with Jay Blitzman (now associate justice of the Juvenile Court) in the film, Not Manhattan. The film debuted in 1981 in Cambridge at the Off-The-Wall Cinema and was awarded a prize that same year by the Houston Film Festival. Bloom is also an author, his latest novel being A Generation of Leaves published in 1991 by Ballantine Books. He is a book critic as well whose reviews have appeared in the Chicago Tribune and the Philadelphia Inquirer.

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