The Bloomies for 1984

English Language Films

A Passage to India (Lean)
Amadeus (Forman)
The Ploughman's Lunch (Eyre)
The Killing Fields (Joffé)
Places in the Heart (Benton)
The Natural (Levinson)
Stranger Than Paradise (Jarmusch)
Paris, Texas (Wenders)
Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes (Hudson)
The Neverending Story (Petersen)
Broadway Danny Rose (Allen)
Country (Pearce)
Cal (O'Connor)

Foreign Films

King Lear (Kozintsev)*
A Sunday in the Country (Tavernier)
The Fourth Man (Verhoeven)
The Balled of Narayama (Imamura)
Sugar Cane Alley (Palcy)
The Revolt of Job (Gyongyossy and Kabay)


English Language Film - A Passage to India
Foreign Film - King Lear
Director - David Lean (A Passage to India)
Original Screenplay - Ian McEwan (The Ploughman's Lunch)
Screenplay Adaptation - (1) Peter Shaffer (Amadeus); (2) David Lean (A Passage to India)
Cinematography - (1) Raoul Coutard (Le Crabe Tambour); (2) Caleb Deschanel (The Natural)
Film Editing - David Lean (A Passage to India)
Original Music Score - Randy Newman (The Natural)

Actor - Jonathan Pryce (The Ploughman's Lunch)
Others - Jeroen Krabbé (The Fourth Man); Victor Bannerjee (A Passage to India); Harry Dean Stanton (Paris, Texas); F. Murray Abraham (Amadeus); Eddie Murphy (Beverly Hills Cop)

Actress - Peggy Ashcroft (A Passage to India)
Others - Jessica Lange (Country); Phyllis Logan (Another Time, Another Place); Sally Field (Places in the Heart); Darling Legitimus (Sugar Cane Alley)

* 1970 film; Boston premiere - 1984.

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