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The Best of the Century

    Silent Films    
1923   Our Hospitality   (Buster Keaton and John Blystone)
1924   Sherlock Jr.   (Buster Keaton)
1925   The Battleship Potemkin   (Sergei Eisenstein)
    The Gold Rush   (Charlie Chaplin)
1926   The General   (Buster Keaton and Clyde Bruckman)
1927   Napoleon   (Abel Gance)
1927   The End of Saint Petersburg   (V.I. Pudovkin)
1928   The Passion of Joan of Arc   (Carl Dreyer)
1931   City Lights   (Charlie Chaplin)
    Sound Films    
1931   M
  (Fritz Lang)
    Marius(2)   (Alexander Korda)
1932   Fanny(3)   (Marc Allegret)
1933   Duck Soup   (Leo McCarey)
    King Kong   (Ernest B. Schoedsack and Merian C. Cooper)
1934   It Happened One Night   (Frank Capra)
1936   Modern Times   (Charlie Chaplin)
    Cesar(4)   (Marcel Pagnol)
1937   Grand Illusion   (Jean Renoir)
1939   The Rules of the Game   (Jean Renoir)
    Gone With the Wind   (Victor Fleming)
    The Wizard of Oz   (Victor Fleming)
    Mr. Smith Goes to Washington   (Frank Capra)
1940   The Grapes of Wrath   (John Ford)
    The Bank Dick   (Edward Cline)
1941   Citizen Kane   (Orson Welles)
    Sullivan's Travels   (Preston Sturges)
1943   Casablanca   (Michael Curtiz)
1945   The Children of Paradise   (Marcel Carne)
1946   The Best Years of Our Lives   (William Wyler)
    It's A Wonderful Life   (Frank Capra)
    Notorious   (Alfred Hitchcock)
1947   Great Expectations   (David Lean)
1948   The Bicycle Thief   (Vittorio DeSica)
    The Treasure of Sierra Madre   (John Huston)
1950   All About Eve   (Joseph L.Mankiewicz)
    Sunset Boulevard   (Billy Wilder)
    Los Olvidados   (Luis Bunuel)
1951   A Place in the Sun   (George Stevens)
1952   Ikiru   (Akira Kurosawa)
    High Noon   (Fred Zinnemann)
1953   Tokyo Story   (Yasujiro Ozu)
    The Wages of Fear   (Henri-George Clouzot)
1954   On the Waterfront   (Elia Kazan)
    The Seven Samurai   (Akira Kurosawa)
    La Strada   (Federico Fellini)
    Rear Window   (Alfred Hitchcock)
    Sansho the Bailiff   (Kenji Mizoguchi)
1955   Smiles of A Summer Night   (Ingmar Bergman)
1956   Pather Panchali(5)   (Satiajit Ray)
    The Seventh Seal   (Ingmar Bergman)
1957   The Bridge on the River Kwai   (David Lean)
    Paths of Glory   (Stanley Kubrick)
    Wild Strawberries   (Ingmar Bergman)
1958   Aparajito(6)   (Satiajit Ray)
1959   The World of Apu(7)   (Satiajit Ray)
    Ben-Hur   (William Wyler)
1960   Psycho   (Alfred Hitchcock)
1961   La Dolce Vita   (Federico Fellini)
    Through a Glass Darkly(8)   (Ingmar Bergman)
    Jules and Jim   (Francois Truffant)
    The Human Condition   (Masaki Kobayashi)
1962   Lawrence of Arabia   (David Lean)
    Winter Light(9)   (Ingmar Bergman)
1963   8 1/2   (Federico Fellini)
    Tom Jones   (Tony Richardson)
    The Silence(10)   (Ingmar Bergman)
1964   Dr. Strangelove   (Stanley Kubrick)
    Woman in the Dunes   (Hiroshi Teshigahara)
    Zorba the Greek   (Michael Cacoyannis)
1965   The Shop on Main Street   (Jan Kadar and Elmer Klos)
1966   Blow-Up   (Michelangelo Antonioni)
1967   The Battle of Algiers   (Gillo Pontecorvo)
    The Graduate   (Mike Nichols)
    Persona   (Ingmar Bergman)
    Bonnie and Clyde   (Arthur Penn)
1968   2001: A Space Odyssey   (Stanley Kubrick)
    War and Peace   (Sergei Bondarchuk)
    The Producers   (Mel Brooks)
1969   The Wild Bunch   (Sam Peckinpah)
1971   A Clockwork Orange   (Stanley Kubrick)
    The Garden of the Finzi-Continis   (Vittorio De Sica)
    The Emigrants; The New Land   (Jan Troell)
1972   The Godfather   (Francis Ford Coppola)
    Cries and Whispers   (Ingmar Bergman)
1974   The Godfather, Part II   (Francis Ford Coppola)
    Chinatown   (Roman Polanski)
1975   Barry Lyndon   (Stanley Kubrick)
    Love and Death   (Woody Allen)
1976   Seven Beauties   (Lina Wertmuller)
1977   Annie Hall   (Woody Allen)
1978   The Tree of Wooden Clogs   (Ermanno Olmi)
1979   Apocalypse Now   (Francis Ford Coppola)
1980   Raging Bull   (Martin Scorsese)
1983   Fanny and Alexander   (Ingmar Bergman)
1984   A Passage to India   (David Lean)
1985   Brazil   (Terry Gilliam)
    Ran   (Akira Kurosawa)
    The Home and the World   (Satiajit Ray)
1987   Jean de Florette
Manon of the Spring
  (Claude Berri)
1989   Do the Right Thing   (Spike Lee)
    Crimes and Misdemeanors   (Woody Allen)
1992   Raise the Red Lantern   (Zhang Yhimou)
    The Best Intentions   (Bille August)
1993   Schindler's List   (Steven Spielberg)
    The Piano   (Jane Campion)
1995   Before the Rain   (Milcho Manchevski)
1996   The English Patient   (Anthony Minghella)
1998   Saving Private Ryan   (Steven Spielberg)
    The Truman Show   (Peter Weir)
    Shakespeare in Love   John Madden
1999   Eyes Wide Shut   (Stanley Kubrick)
2000   Werckmeister Harmonies   (Bela Tarr)
2001   The Fellowship of the Ring(11)   (Peter Jackson)
2002   The Two Towers(12)   (Peter Jackson)
2003   The Return of the King(13)   (Peter Jackson)
2006   Pan's Labyrinth   (Guillermo Del Toro)
2007   There Will Be Blood   (Paul Thomas Anderson)
    The Lives of Others   (Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck)
2009   A Serious Man   (Ethan and Joel Coen)
2011   Incendies   (Denis Villeneuve)
2012   Lincoln   (Steven Spielberg)
2014   The Great Beauty   (Paolo Sorrentino)
2015   Ex Machina   (Alex Garland)
    Room   (Lenny Abrahamson)
2017   The Florida Project   (Sean Baker)
2018   Roma   (Alfonso Cuarón)
2019   1917   (Sam Mendes)
    Never Look Away   (Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck)


Film Artist:   Ingmar Bergman    
Director:(14)   Stanley Kubrick    
Screenwriter:   1. Ingmar Bergman
2. Woody Allen
Actor:   Marlon Brando    
Actress:   Meryl Streep    
1. Documentaries, animated and television films are not included.
2. The "Marseilles" Trilogy (These films are included only as part of a trilogy).
3. See footnote 2.
4. See footnote 2.
5. The "Apu" Trilogy.
6. See footnote 5.
7. See footnote 5.
8. The "Reduction" Trilogy- These films are included only as part of a trilogy. They are related solely by theme, not by plot or characters.
9. See footnote 8.
10. See footnote 8.
11. "The Lord of the Rings" Trilogy
12. See footnote 11.
13. See footnote 11.
14. Other directors- Ingmar Bergman; David Lean; Akira Kurosawa; Woody Allen; Satiajit Ray; Alfred Hitchcock; Federico Fellini; Jean Renoir; Steven Spielberg; Martin Scorsese; Buster Keaton; Roberto Rossellini; William Wyler
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