The Bloomies for 1981

English Language Films

Ragtime (Forman)
Chariots of Fire (Hudson)
Cutter's Way (Passer)
Gallipoli (Weir)
Atlantic City (Malle)
True Confessions (Grosbard)
Body Heat (Kasdan)
Prince of the City (Lumet)

Foreign Films

Pixote (Hector Babenco)
Oblomore (Mikhalkov)
Beau Père (Blier)
Man of Iron (Wajda)


English Language Film - None
Foreign Film - Pixote
Director - None
Original Screenplay - John Guare (Atlantic City)
Screenplay Based on Other Source - None
Cinematography - (1) Jordan Cronenweth (Cutter's Way); (2) Russell Boyd (Gallipoli)
Film Editing - (1) Gallipoli; (2) Raiders of the Lost Ark
Original Music Score - Vangelis (Chariots of Fire)

Actor - John Heard (Cutter's Way)
Others - Burt Lancaster (Atlantic City); Henry Fonda (On Golden Pond); Richard Dreyfuss (Whose Life Is It Anyway); Howard Rollins (Ragtime)

Actress - Glenda Jackson (Stevie)*
Others - Vera Alentova (Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears); Ariel Besse (Beau Père); Marila Pera (Pixote)

* 1978 film, released in 1981

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