English Language Films

Foreign Films

Schindler's List (Spielberg) 93
Saving Private Ryan (Spielberg) 98
Eyes Wide Shut (Kubrick) 99
The Truman Show (Weir) 98
The English Patient (Minghella) 96
Shakespeare in Love (Madden) 98
The Piano (Campion) 93
American Beauty (Mendes) 99
Titanic (Cameron) 97
Hamlet (Branagh) 96
Casino (Scorsese) 95
Pulp Fiction (Tarantino) 94
Big Night (Tucci and Scott) 96

Raise the Red Lantern (Yimou) 92
Before the Rain (Manchevski) 95
The Best Intentions (August) 92
Lamerica (Amelio) 95
Europa, Europa (Holland) 91
The Vanishing (Sluizer) 91(1)
Jerusalem (August) 97
Ulysses' Gaze (Angelopoulos) 97
Like Water for Chocolate (Arau) 93


Film of the Decade - Schindler's List

Directors - Steven Spielberg (Schindler's List; Saving Private Ryan); James Cameron (Titanic); Anthony Minghella (The English Patient); Stanley Kubrick (Eyes Wide Shut); Peter Weir (The Truman Show); Jane Campion (The Piano); Zhang Yimou (Raise the Red Lantern); Sam Mendes (American Beauty); Martin Scorsese (Casino).

Original Screenplays - Marc Norman and Tom Stoppard (Shakespeare in Love); Andrew Niccol (The Truman Show); Ingmar Bergman (The Best Intentions); Neil Jordan (The Crying Game); Woody Allen (Deconstructing Harry); Alan Ball (American Beauty); John Sayles (Lone Star); Stanley Tucci and Joseph Tropiano (Big Night); Jane Campion (The Piano).

Screenplay Adaptations - Steve Zaillian (Schindler's List); Anthony Minghella (The English Patient); Atom Egoyan (The Sweet Hereafter); Frederic Raphael and Stanley Kubrick (Eyes Wide Shut).

Cinematography - Janusz Kaminski (Schindler's List; Saving Private Ryan); Conrad Hall (American Beauty); Manuel Teran (Before the Rain).

Film Editing - Schindler's List; Saving Private Ryan; The English Patient; Titanic; JFK.

Original Music Scores - James Horner (Titanic); Michael Nyman (the Piano); Anastasia (Before the Rain).

Actors - Robert Duvall (The Apostle); Anthony Hopkins (Shadowlands); Denzell Washington (The Hurricane; Malcolm X); Sean Penn (Dead Man Walking); Billy Bob Thornton (Sling Blade); Edward Norton (American History X); Max Von Sydow (Hamsun); Tim Roth (Rob Roy); Kenneth Branagh (Hamlet); Leonardo DiCaprio (What's Eating Gilbert Grape).

Actresses - Emily Watson (Breaking the Waves); Meryl Streep (The Bridges of Madison County); Susan Sarandon (Dead Man Walking); Pernilla August (The Best Intentions; Private Confessions); Brenda Blethyn (Secrets and Lies); Emma Thompson (Howard's End); Hilary Swank (Boys Don't Cry); Holly Hunter (The Piano).

(1) Dutch version, not American remake.

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