The Best Films of the Decade: 1951-1975

Best English Language Films

2001: A Space Odyssey (Kubrick, 1968)
Lawrence of Arabia (Lean, 1962)
The Bridge on the River Kwai (Lean, 1957)
The Godfather (Parts I and II) (Coppola, 1972, 1974)
Doctor Zhivago (Lean, 1965)
Ben-Hur (Wyler, 1959)
On the Waterfront (Kazan, 1954)
Zorba the Greek (Cacoyannis, 1964)
A Man For All Seasons (Zinnemann, 1966)
Paths of Glory (Kubrick, 1957)
Tom Jones (Richardson, 1963)
High Noon (Zinnemann, 1952)
Bonnie and Clyde (Penn, 1967)
A Clockwork Orange (Kubrick, 1971)
King Lear (Brook, 1971)
West Side Story (Wise and Robbins, 1961)
My Fair Lady (Cukor, 1964)
Catch 22 (Nichols, 1970)
Spartacus (Kubrick, 1960)
Romeo and Juliet (Zeffirelli, 1968)
Viva Zapata (Kazan, 1952)
Becket (Glenville, 1964)
Chinatown (Polanski, 1974)
Judgment at Nuremberg (Kramer, 1961)
America, America (Kazan, 1963)
Marat-Sade (Brook, 1967)
Sweet Smell of Success (Mackendrick, 1957)

Others - Barry Lyndon (Kubrick, 1975); Cabaret (Fosse, 1972); Love and Death (Allen, 1975); Dr. Strangelove (Kubrick, 1964); To Kill A Mockingbird (Mulligan, 1962); The Fixer (Frankenheimer, 1964); Deliverance (Boorman, 1972); El Cid (Mann, 1961); McCabe and Mrs. Miller (Altman, 1971); Cleopatra (Manciewicz, 1963); Fiddler on the Roof (Jewison, 1971); Ryan's Daughter (Lean, 1970); Straw Dogs (Peckinpah, 1971); The Wild Bunch (Peckinpah, 1969); Midnight Cowboy (Schlesinger, 1969); The Collector (Wyler, 1965); The French Connection (Friedkin, 1971); The Exorcist (Friedkin, 1973); The Manchurian Candidate (Frankenheimer, 1962); The Graduate (Nichols, 1967); Psycho (Hitchcock, 1960); The Producers (Brooks, 1968); The Searchers (Ford, 1956)

Best Foreign Films

The Shop on Main Street (Kadar & Klos, 1965)
War and Peace (Bondarchuk, 1968)
The Apu Trilogy - (1) Pather Panchali (Ray, 1956); (2) Aparajito (Ray, 1958); (3) The World of Apu (Ray, 1959)
The Battle of Algiers (Pontecorvo, 1967)
Cries and Whispers (Bergman, 1972)
The "Reduction" Trilogy - (1) Through A Glass Darkly (1961); (2) Winter Light (1962); (3) The Silence (1963) (Bergman)
Ikiru (Kurosawa, 1952)
La Strada (Fellini, 1955)
Scenes From A Marriage (Bergman, 1974)
Blow-Up (Antonioni, 1966)
The Virgin Spring (Bergman, 1960)
The Seventh Seal (Bergman, 1956)
Tokyo Story (Ozu, 1953)
8 ½ (Fellini, 1963)
Wild Strawberries (Bergman, 1957)
Seven Samurai (Kurosawa, 1954)
The Shame (Bergman, 1968)
The Passion of Anna (Bergman, 1970)
The Stranger (Visconti, 1968)
Z (Costa-Gavras, 1969)
The Damned (Visconti, 1969)
Sundays and Cybèle (Bourguinon, 1962)

Others - Garden of Finzi-Continis (De Seca, 1971); Love and Anarchy (Wertmüller, 1974); Divorce Italian Style (Germi, 1962); La Dolce Vita (Fellini 1961); High and Low (Kurosawa, 1963); Claire's Knee (Rohmer, 1971); Crime and Punishment (Kulijanov, 1970); Woman in the Dunes (Teshigahara, 1964); The Wages of Fear (Clouzot, 1953); Electra (Cacoyannis, 1961); Smiles of a Summer Night (Bergman, 1955); The Wild Child (Truffaut, 1970); Last Tango in Paris (Bertolucci, 1973); Persona (Bergman, 1967); Nights of Cabiria (Fellini, 1957); The Human Condition (Kobayashi, 1959-1961); The Emigrants; The New Land (Troell, 1971).

Outstanding Film Artist - Ingmar Bergman
Others - Stanley Kubrick; David Lean; Federico Fellini

Best English Language Films - 2001: A Space Odyssey (Kubrick); Lawrence of Arabia (Lean)
Others - The Bridge on the River Kwai (Lean); The Godfather (Parts I and II) (Coppola)

Best Foreign Films - The Shop on Main Street (Kadar & Klos); War and Peace (Bondarchuk)
Others - The Apu Trilogy (Ray); The Battle of Algiers (Pontecorvo); Cries and Whispers (Bergman)

Best Direction - David Lean (Lawrence of Arabia); Stanley Kubrick (2001: A Space Odyssey); Gillo Pontecorvo (The Battle of Algiers); Ingmar Bergman (Cries and Whispers)

Best Actor - Marlon Brando (On the Waterfront)
Others - Marlon Brando (Last Tango in Paris); Peter O'Toole (Becket); Paul Scofield (A Man For All Seasons); George C. Scott (Patton); Peter O'Toole (Lawrence of Arabia); Josef Kroner (The Shop on Main Street); Anthony Quinn (Zorba the Greek); Rod Steiger (The Pawnbroker); Paul Scofield (King Lear); Marlon Brando (The Godfather); Al Pacino (The Godfather, Parts I and II); Takashi Shimura (Ikiru)

Best Actress - Liv Ullmann (Scenes From A Marriage)
Others - Barbra Streisand (Funny Girl); Giulietta Masina (La Strada); Ida Kaminska (The Shop on Main Street); Liza Minnelli (Cabaret); Irene Papas (Electra); Glenda Jackson (Sunday, Bloody Sunday); Julie Christie (Darling); Anne Bancroft (The Miracle Worker); Ellen Burstyn (Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore); Cicely Tyson (Sounder); Samantha Eggar (The Collector)

Best Original Screenplay - The "Reduction" Trilogy (Bergman); Scenes From A Marriage (Bergman); Ikiru (Kurosawa, Ogumi and Hashimoto); 2001: A Space Odyssey (Kubrick and Clarke); Cries and Whispers (Bergman); Chinatown (Towne); The Battle of Algiers (Solinas and Pontecorvo); Love and Death (Allen); Wild Strawberries (Bergman); Smiles of a Summer Night (Bergman)

Best Screenplay (based on other source) - Lawrence of Arabia (Bolt); The Shop on Main Street (Kader, Klos and Grossman); The Bridge on the River Kwai (Forman and Wilson); Tom Jones (Osborne); Judgment at Nuremberg (Mann); On the Waterfront (Schulberg); The Godfather (Puzo and Coppola); Becket (Anhalt)

Best Cinematography - (color) - Lawrence of Arabia (Young); the Conformist (Storaro); Cries and Whispers (Nykvist); 2001: A Space Odyssey (Unsworth); Romeo and Juliet (De Santis); Barry Lyndon (Alcott); Cabaret (Unsworth); The Damned (Nannuzzi and De Santis); (black and white) - Seven Samurai (Nakai); Persona (Nykvist); The Battle of Algiers (Gatti)

Best Original Music Score - Ben-Hur (Rozsa); War and Peace (U.S. version) (Rota); On the Waterfront (L. Bernstein); Spartacus (North); Exodus (Gold); Zorba the Greek (Theodorakis); Romeo and Juliet (Rota); The Shop on Main Street (Liska); Richard III (Walton); Lawrence of Arabia (Jarre)

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